CEASE Therapy for Autism and Chronic Illness - Massage Therapeutics & Homeopathy

I specialize in Massage Therapeutics, Homeopathy and CEASE therapy.

I am a massage therapist with training and experience to ease and release pain, tension and stress. In 2004 I completed study of Homeopathy and was Certified as a Classical Homeopath. Since 2010 I am a certified CEASE Therapy practitioner.

I have been helping people with Massage therapy since 1983 and have seen even better results in chronic conditions since adding homeopathy.

CEASE Therapy is a system of applied homeopathy specifically aimed at supporting the healing of Autism and auto-immune illness.

Symptoms, illness and pain are the result of an imbalance; massage therapy and homeopathy restore balance and support healing.
Massage has been used by people since the times of Hippocrates and for over 200 years homeopathy has successfully helped heal millions of people of all ages worldwide from many acute and chronic conditions.


Health is:
Freedom in body from pain.
Freedom in mind from compulsions.
Freedom in emotion to respond genuinely and appropriately to life situations and enjoy yourself, others and the world around you.

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