CEASE Therapy for Autism and Chronic Illness - Massage Therapeutics

Unrelieved stress leads to tension, emotional distress, chronic illness and robs you of your joy for life and is the main cause of chronic illness. 

Have you experienced an upsetting life change? Have you been told by your doctor that you need to make some lifestyle changes? Or that you need to live with your condition? Is your chronic illness keeping you from travel, enjoying the children in your life, or pursuing your career?  Are you feeling way too old for your age? 

Don't wait until you are over-stressed.
Massage therapy is an enjoyable, immediately noticeable
investment in your well-being.

Start by taking some time for yourself. Massage therapy can be the beginning to change everything. As an experienced massage therapist my sessions' focus is to relieve your stress, tension and pain and let you feel healthier and happier. The time invested in regular massage, once a week or once a month will show benefits in health, well being and in all areas of your life. Massage therapy is maintenance for body, mind and spirit and will assist you to reverse the effects of stress.

Homeopathy will improve your health from the inside out so your body systems function better for relief from chronic illness and the ability to manage the stress level of everyday life with more ease and resilience.

Call 858.617.9408 for a free 15 minute consultation
for more information and to learn about new client specials.

Gift Certificates for therapeutic massage are available for any occasion. They are a great way to show your appreciation
for someone special in your life.
Available as single or multiple session certificates.


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