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Natural Wellness with Massage Therapeutics & Homeopathy.

Welcome to my holistic health practice specializing in professional, clinical Massage Therapy and Homeopathy for acute and chronic pain and/or chronic health concerns.

Pain and discomfort are always an indication of an imbalance in either the muscles and joints, or in other systems of the body. And most problems are reversible, because homeopathy works on eliminating the causes 'dis-ease'.

Massage therapy is a very effective way to explore alternative and complementary, natural health care options. Often the time spent in a massage session can change the perspective of problems and begin to allow a shift towards a healthier state.

Massage Therapeutics:
A well designed massage therapy session's focus is to relieve your pain, stress and tension so you feel healthier and happier and can pursue the activities of family, career and recreation. Massage therapy speeds recovery from acute injury and can prevent the formation of chronic pain and can aide in the release long standing chronic pain.

Homeopathy is based on a system of activating and supporting your bodies inner healing mechanism. Homeopathy speeds the recovery of acute illness and injuries and offers hope for relief from chronic illness without multiple supplementation, nasty tasting teas or herbs.
Homeopathy assists the healing process by supporting the natural ability of our body to return to health and wellness. It is not only very effective in shortening the duration and lessening the intensity of acute illness like colds or flu, homeopathic remedies also aide in healing chronic illness.

Massage therapy and Homeopathy, in combination or alone, offer the benefit of individualized multi-system support for many types of health challenges.  Together we will evaluate your situation and decide which approach serves you best. I can work together with your doctor, acupuncturist or chiropractor to support your healing.

The goal is to give you the ability to enjoy your life in health, with more energy, strength, ease and resilience so you can face the pressures and stress level of everyday life more easily.

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