CEASE Therapy for Autism and Chronic Illness - Massage Therapeutics & Homeopathy


My specialty is in the holistic health fields of Massage Therapeutics and Homeopathy.

Unrelieved stress leads to tension, emotional distress, illness and robs us of our joy for life. I have been helping people to feel better with massage therapy since 1983. As an experienced massage therapist my sessions' focus is to relieve your stress, tension and pain.

Massage therapy is maintenance for body, mind and spirit.

Since adding homeopathy to my massage practice I have seen even better results in the improvement of my clients' chronic conditions. In 2010 I received certification in CEASE Therapy, a homeopathic approach for helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Massage has been used by people since the times of Hippocrates and for over 200 years homeopathy has successfully helped heal millions of people of all ages worldwide from many acute and chronic conditions. In my practice I have seen good and lasting results with massage therapy and homeopathy by themselves or in combination.

I invite you to experience for yourself, the improvement in health and wellness that massage therapy or homeopathy can offer.

I look forward to meeting you and being of service in helping you maintain or improve your health.

In health,


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